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Here are some links to many filk related sites for both people and companies.


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Darn Near All the Filk on the Web

The Filk FAQ

Links to Filkers Web Pages

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WEB SITE RATINGS: (Keep in mind that the quality of a web site does NOT reflect on the quality of the music of the performer or group).

Site with a minimum of information.
Basic information only, or mostly links to other pages
Good standard web site contains solid information, may have some lyrics
Has good information, clean layout, lyrics and goes that extra step.
Outstanding site which will take hours to fully explore. Also updated in a timely fashion.
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Mike and Anne Whitaker home page.

Text only with links to other sites

Celtic/Rock/folk? Her musical style may cover a wide range but no matter the style this fiddle player sings and kicks major A**. Do not miss listening to her or seeing her in concert.

Straightforward web site, could stand lyrics and more samples, but has up-to-date Schedule of Upcoming Performances.

Celtic Rock band featuring Margaret Davis, Kristoph Klover, Kevin Fanning, Cat Taylor, Mark Ungar. Part of the Flowing Glass Studios. All of their works are HIGHLY recommend.

Good web site to find and buy Flowing Glass Tapes and CDs. Links to MP3 of songs.


Bedlam House -
Bedlam House is a production company dedicated to the promotion of Atlanta area and Southern regional musicians. They are the production company for the Three Weird Sisters

A good site with lots of information, but has not been updated in a while.

The man of many instruments and he can play them ALL. He is an amazing performer and has written so many songs I think that everyone has lost track of the number. He is a traditional folk performer but does hang out with us filkers.

What's not on this site? You can spend the day here

BOHNHOFFS, Jeff & Maya -
Jeff and Maya are best known for their dead on parodies of famous songs. They also work with other under the name HARMONY HEIFERS.

Website contains good basic information and information about Maya's books.

The Original Celtic Renaissance duo combining unique instrumentation with a romantic, comical and traditional music. The cover Everything from Celtic, fantasy, filk and JRR Tolkien.

Good clean website, easy to navigate. With lyrics and MP3 of songs.

Toronto, Ontario musician and filker.

Good graphics and easy to navigate. Mostly links to other sites.

Rich doesn't have much information about himself on his site other than he likes filk.

Another text only web site. Does have an active calendar of filk events.


Plays with the folk/filk music band, On The Mark.

Graphics light, with sections on music, science fiction and many other topics.



This is a great resourse of information a true Filk e-zine with Interviews, articles, columns, FAQ, message boards. It gets five notes for having lots of information and always being updated. It my lack lyrics and MP3s but is well worth you time to check out.

Meg Davis is an outstanding folk artist with an unbelievable voice. Much of here material has been out of print for a few years and now is coming back. Listen to Captain Jack and the Mermaid album and get hooked. It's finally back in print and on CD.

Simple but nice web site. You will want to check out the Music Vaults for lyrics and samples.

co-editor of the Open Directory Project filk section at :

Just text and links. Has a nice collection of songs.

Before most of us knew about filk we all listened to DR. D. - Host of the long running radio show playing parodies and funny songs that no one else would play.

A very good site, has everything you would want to know about Dr. D and his show. It doesn't have lyrics or sound.


Callie Hills and Cat Faber make up Echo Children. They are an acoustic duo that performs mostly at science fiction conventions. They have 4 CD out and are highly recommended

- Great website with lot of information about Callie,Cat and their music.

Outstanding guy and very active behind the scenes of San Diego/So Cal filking.

Home of San Diego Filk. Has everything you want to know about filking in San Diego.


Home of DAG Productions. Also provides free e-mail for people and information about filk.

Clearly the guy that runs this web site doesn't have as much time as he'd like to work on it. He does get points for effort.

One of the great filk punsters around.

Only some personal information nothing about his music.

The Funny Music Project -

The FuMP is a collaborative effort made up of a core group of comedy musicians. These are Raymond and Scum, Rob Balder, Sudden Death, the great Luke Ski, Tom Smith, and Worm Quartet.

What can you say but FREE music! A new song will be posted every Tuesday and Friday. These songs are available as a free download from the home page. They also provide an RSS feed for the songs.


Joe is a folk singer living in exile in Central New Jersey, his quote not mine, and sings some very funny stuff.

Simple but good web site. Has several sound clips off his album.

Publisher of Filker Up and Xenofilkia song books. Also into Fantasy Role Playing.

Text only. Talks about the songbooks with indexes and articles about filking.

Lynn is a west coast mover and shaker in the filking and Science Fiction world. She has been Guest of Honor at many convention and all around a great person.

- Mostly text site with a good set of links of filk information.

He is the owner of Prometheus Music (

Eli's Home page only has a little information on it, however the Prometheus site is just outstanding. Has everything including The Virtual Filksing with LOTS of sound files. Well worth your time to check out.

Fantastic folk/filk musician extrordinaire.

Information about his gigs and CD. Has lyrics to the songs on his CD.

Toronto, Ontario area filker.

The site is a little light on information, but does have a message board.


Welcom to Hotel Hayman, which has filk information and family information for Judith and Dave. Both are very active filkers and Judith has out her first CD and songbook SEA OF STARS.

Good start for the site. Still needs Lyrics to be uploaded. Also hasn't been updated in a while.


Interfilk is a fan fund. Most fan funds raise funds to transport a fan chosen from among fans to a convention that they would not normally attend. In our case we raise funds from filk fans to transport members of the filk community who have something special to share.

Good site with lots of basic information on what is going on in the filk world today.



Mr. Parody himself. Best known for his works collected under the Songworm name. Some people say that your not really a big name filker until Bob has parodied one of your songs.

Very, very large database of his songs. There are some sound files at the MP3 site.

He is into a wide variety of music, from electronic to classical to jazz to folk.

A useful list of filk and folk resources.


Lady Lavender's Filksongs -
Lady Lavender (Michelle Bottorff) was introduced to filking early in 1990, at Life, the Universe and Everything, BYU's Science Fiction and Fantasy Symposium. When not filking she writes Fantasy and Science Fiction and goes to SCA events.

A good collection of the Lady's songs and a good set of links.

Let's Filk About -
How is your German Language skills? Here is everything you want to know about filk music in German.

A very good website with a song database, store and other items.

Michael has been a active filker for a good number of years and is very active in the Georgia area. He also sells filk tapes and CDs.

official homepage for GaFiA and the on-line catalog for Southern Fried Filk, LLC.

She writes and performs here own original music with a twist. Her first CD tells a story in song.

Simple, but well laid out, one page web site with samples of songs. No lyrics.

Home of Love Song Productions and Dancing Bear Records. J. Spencer Love is the founder of these companies.

The site is almost all text. There is a little information on their tapes and CDs. The site hasn't been updated for a long time.


Outstanding performer and writes some marvellous ordinal songs. Two of her older tapes have just been rereleased on to CD. Must have for any collection.

Text only, but has a large collection of her lyrics.

Science fiction write and filker, what a great combination. A member of the BLACK BOOK BAND.

Lots of things on the site and even things to buy. Just a bit light on the filk information.

One of the "young lions," Steve's songs are mostly fantasies and romances, and his great voice and sterling guitar work sells them magnificently. I, on the other hand, love his crazed ballad "Old B-Movies", and the man does a great, great cover of Frank Hayes's "When I Was A Boy"

Self described as a Dry, Boring Page (not true). The information is accurate and covers everything that you would need to know about Steve. It also contains most of the Lyrics to his songs.


Erica's Live Journal --
A filker who is also into Far Isles Medieval Society, and the SCA. She currenly has one CD out call "Not Everybody Dies" which is great.

Text only site, but has a lot of her Lyrics posted.


She's a science fiction and fantasy fan, a filker, a poet, a writer, a gamer, an anime otaku, and translator of Middle Irish poetry

The web site claims to have "Darn Near All the Filk on the Web" and it looks like it. The most massive collection of links I have found and they are very well organized. (Isn't it wonderful that she's done all the work!)

The Offical Talk Like A Priate Day -
Avast, me hearties! Every September 19th we get to act silly and talk silly. Check it out at the officall web page.

The link is to their songs page and it has lots of good links on it.

Coming out of the Pittsburgh-area this group performs a mix of both filk and folk music. The members of On the Mark are: Monica Cellio, Robert Smith Kathy Van Stone, Andrea Gansley-Ortiz

Only has the bare information about the group and how to order their CDs.

Would you believe rock 'n roll filk? That's what you get with these three guys. Doug White, Rand Bellavia, and Adam L. English. They have two great albums Less Than Art (Not K-Mart - but you have to see the cover) and Super Secret.

Lots of good information, message board, and lots of goodies. It hasn't been updated for a while so they lose one point.


Phoenix is a UK-based band who plays SF/Fantasy inspired rock/filk - both originals and parodies of better known songs. (Not to be confused with the defunct west coast based band Phoenyx, featuring Heather Alexander) This groups members include: Tim Walker, Phil Allcock, Anne ('Annie') Walker, Anne Whitaker,Lissa Allcock, Mike Whitaker

Good looking clean web site with a handful of MP3s. No Lyrics.

A company that is making some very good Music.

Prometheus site is just outstanding. Has everything including The Virtual Filksing with LOTS of sound files. Well worth your time to check out.

A fun and wonderful trio made up of Paul Kwinn , Taunya Gren, and Alisa Garcia. They currently have one CD out and can be found at filkcons and some SF Cons

Great website. Lyrics and sound files/samples. Also has a Message Board.


The Bardic Voice of Qe'van - With Star Trek poetry, prose and filk.

If you looking for Star Trek, or alternate universe ST then this is your site.




Filk Dealer from the West Coast.

Web site only has text catalog and hasn't been updated in a while.


The RedSOW is a collection of many (over 50) musical parodies inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Some are in the vein of "derivative filksongs" and some are more offbeat, being the work of us Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut-Cases (TEUNCs).

If you are into Lord of the Rings then this is your site.

Roper, Bill and Gretchen -
Publisher and long time filker, Bill finally got his website up.

The website contains the lyrics from many of Bill's albums.


Steve is a songwriter and performer and has written some of the best space and technology songs around. He has also written some of the funniest computer songs I have ever heard.

Almost all text website. Many, many links. Includes an Advice for Kids section

KAY SHAPERO - filk faq .htm
Kay maintains the massive filk FAQ for the web (Thank you Kay).

What can one say but this IS the jumping off place for FAQ.

I-Tom (a new "free" song each week) -
What can one say about Tom Smith other than you have got to hear him!!! While Tom is best known for his Parodies he can also bring you to tears with some of his serious songs. If you don't think that Tom can be serious we suggest that you listen to "A Boy and his Frog".

This is an amazing web site with lots of samples, Lyrics, convention information, and updated almost constantly. (Tom have you thought about switching to decafe?)

Irish harp player specializing in filk, folk, and renaissance music.

Just brief information on himself and links.


Three Weird Sisters ~
This outstanding group of performers is made up of Gwen Knighton, Brenda Sutton, Mary Crowell and Teresa Powell

The site has all the basic information about the titles and performers.



She's been compared to everyone from Christine Lavin to Chet Atkins to Jerry Seinfeld. And anyone who writes a song called: "We Don't Need a Wal-Mart" is OK in my book.

Very good web site with MP3s, lyrics and lots of information.

Allison Durno, Jodi Krangle, and Debbie Ohi make up this wonderful singing group. If you haven't heard them, don't wait, get one of their albums or hear them live!

This is an outstanding web site with lots of information about themselves and filk music in general. Regularly updated with sound clips and lots of information.



From Long Island, NY, David is a prolific filker.

Good collection of his songs and has many of them in MP3 format for your listening pleasure.

Also known as MEW. Mary has a great voice and is a wonderful performer. She backed up singing on many tapes/cds and currently has one CD out. Also sings with Black Book Band

Nice little web site.