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What is Filk?

Nothing can start an argument faster than trying to answer this question. The simplest definition is that FILK = Science Fiction folk music.

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Words and music by Tom Digby

If something has you down,
Makes you worry, fret and frown,
And causes lots of pain and irritation;

You'll be rid of it right quick
If you know this simple trick:

If a friend's electric shaver
Ruins your radio's behavior
With static so you cannot hear the station,
Just tell him that you're feared
He will have to grow a beard,

If the TV-watching crowd
Keeps the volume way up loud
And blaring without pause or hesitation;
Just tell them, "That is all,"
Pull the plug out of the wall,

If your in-laws all drop in
Time and time again
For a month or two or three of visitation,
They will bother you no more
If you're on an upper floor

words and music copyright Tom Digby 1965 (or around then - I  got
this  from  the  Filksong Manual, pub 1978, and  it  didn't  give
copyright dates, just previous publications of the FM.)

Treble, C, F#: d!ggggddd!aaaad.
                ---- -- ----
Treble, F#:    d!aaaaaaga!bg.r
              - -------- -   
Treble, F#:    dd!ggggddd!aaaad      
              -- ---- -- ----
                 ___      __
Treble, F#:    d!+D+d+cba!bgG!
                   - ---  -  

And another verse by Charlie Luce

If the party's getting grim
With that One-True-Way GM
Who is shafting you in every situation
There is one thing you should know
You've got one last Saving Throw
Just Use Defenestration!

Words copyright Charlie Luce, 1975 or thereabouts

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